Nobana Purifier Advantages

Large Flux Large Flow

600/800/1200GPD Ultra capability

High-precision filtration

0.0001 Micron 99.9% sterilization Rat

Touch and display screen

Select/reset/rinse/ reminder

Intelligent self-cleaning program

Keep clean and pure at any time

Beautiful and concise

Suitable for multiple scenes styles

Easy installation

No tools required Easy to install and replace filters

Truly Purify Drinking Water

Since the development of the water purifier industry, the upgrading of technology is no longer about filtering unclean water into clean water,

 but about how to transform clean water into healthy and nutritious water.

The combination of five-stage filtration completely removes hamful substances in the raw water. The filtration accuracy can reach 0.0001 micro. Effectively filters over 1000 harmful contaminants.

5+1 Composite filter element design

water purification solutions

Nobana focuses on providing whole-house water purification solutions, which are composed of five steps of “pre-filter, central water purifier, central water softener, end pure water machine, end pipeline machine”. The whole house water purification starts from the water source into the household, according to the needs of different water points in the family, through the scientific and reasonable matching of water purification products, the family drinking water, kitchen water, washing, bathing and laundry and other drinking water for a full range of purification, while realizing local conditions, fully protect the health of the family and extend the water heater, washing machine, bathtub, shower.

Five Steps to Whole House Water Purification

A complete whole-house water purification system is composed of a pre-filter, a central water filter, a water softener, an end pure water purifier, and a direct drinking machine, which can fully meet the water needs of the whole house for drinking, eating, washing, bathing, and other purposes for the whole family

Water Pre-Filter

Filter out large particle impurities and protect the post-filter

Center Water purifier

Filter out most particulate impurities,harmful substances

Water Softener

Soften water quality and remove calcium and magnesium plasma

RO Water System

Removes bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants

Wall-Mounted Machine

Three seconds quick heating, multiple water temperatures

Water Purifier Categories

Truly Purify Drinking Water

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1200GPD Reverse Osmosis System Water Purifier

Integrated design of composite filter element and RO membrane. Filter element integration and purification are more effective. One Machine Can Handle Multiple Scenario Applications. The Purified Water Output Reaches 15L/min, and the Lead Removal and Filtration Reach 99%.National first-level water efficiency standard, more purified water, and less wastewater. TDS values real-time detection, The water purifier starts in real-time, and farewell to overnight water. Mute and anti-noise, Whether day or night, keep water quiet.

1200GPD Large Flow
Multiple Scenario
Easy to Install


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