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Company Profile

Shenzhen Nobana Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 with the wish to provide people around the world with trustworthy water purification solutions and high-quality water filter systems for homes to truly purify drinking water. We have more than 200 water filter systems with over 100 patents from multiple countries. Within 12 years, Nobana had helped more than 68 million families from 40+ countries to get pure and healthy water. Nobana has advanced production equipment and modernized production lines, professional equipment for lab use, thousands of molds, a strong R&D team, and nearly 200 patents. Based in Shenzhen, an important seaport in China, and together with stable chains of suppliers, Nobana has the most efficient cost control and can offer the most competitive prices. 

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Factory Area

One-Stop Water Filtration Products Solution Manufacturer & Supplier

Nobana focuses on producing OEM & ODM a full range of water filter products, including Pre-filter, Ultrafilter Water Purifier,  Reverse Osmosis System, Undersink Water Filter, Center Water Purifier, RO Water Dispenser, Water Softener, Commercial RO System, Water Filter Cartridge, RO Part & Accessory, etc.

Truly Purify Drinking Water

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1200GPD Reverse Osmosis System Water Purifier

Integrated design of composite filter element and RO membrane. Filter element integration and purification are more effective. One Machine Can Handle Multiple Scenario Applications. The Purified Water Output Reaches 15L/min, and the Lead Removal and Filtration Reach 99%.National first-level water efficiency standard, more purified water, and less wastewater. TDS values real-time detection, The water purifier starts in real-time, and farewell to overnight water. Mute and anti-noise, Whether day or night, keep water quiet.

1200GPD Large Flow
Multiple Scenario
Easy to Install

Water Filter System Advantages

Large flux large flow

400/600/800/1200GPD High flow rate. National first-level water efficiency standard, more purified water, and less wastewater. Drink anytime,anywhere,full cup in seconds.

High-strength filtration

5+1 Layers filtration, 2 filters element provide 6 stages of filtration. Long lasting RO membrane for deep cleaning.Effectively removes 1000+ contaminants.Suitable for global water .

Touch screen display screen

Beautiful design, clearly visible panel. High sensitive touch control with TDS faucet. The intelligent double TDS value is displayed in real time. Smart filter reminder.

Intelligent self-cleaning program

Effectively enhancing anti fouling ability. Two-way and double-sided synchronous water cut-off filter element. The water inside the purifier will not leak out when replacing the filter element

Beautiful and concise

Suitable for multiple kitchen styles. Tankless design save more space. You can also customize the water purifier appearance to suit your business needs.

Easy installation

No tools required.Easy to install and set up in less than 30 minutes. 3 Seconds to replace filters.Save money,effort and time.

Nobana Will Satisfy You

Hot Sale Hi-tech

Multi-Stage deep filtration, large flow, easy change filter system

Cost Effective

Focus on development services, so we have obvious advantages in cost control.

One-Stop Service

Certified factory, over 12 years OEM/ODM full customization service


Original customization guarantees the most competitive wholesale prices.

Safety Feature

All safety tests ensure the safety performance of products.

Better Design

Fashionable and novel appearance, let the product better experience.

Reliable & High-Quality OEM/ODM Service

Consult OEM/ODM Service

Design and Development

Customization and Manufacturing

Quality Control and Inspection

Packaging and Delivery

After-Sales Support

Professional R&D Team

Product Design Engineer

Innovation means change. Innovate through the old and bring forth the new, fresh and new, how to make the products more streamlined and smarter, Nobana has been doing its best to do better.

Product R&D Engineer

Always committed to advanced technology research and development, the launch of epoch-making products Nobana products, no matter how the times change, as always, will never change this spirit

Product Monitoring Engineer

When you get a product, you want it to be safe. The strict inspection of the product comes from my fear of life. Zero defect in quality is the belief of Nobana.

Quality Management Engineer

One millionth of a mistake is a loss of one hundred percent. The quality of the products is cared for by Nobana. Only by strict every process can we create the quality of the gold medal.

Our Factory

Water purifier manufacturer with 12 years experience of design,development and production.

Manufacturing processes in our own workshops can be controlled to keep the best quality.

Activity Exhibition

Over the past 12 years, we have participated in various industry activities and exhibitions around the world.

We have established business relationships with many outstanding companies


What Our Customer Say

''I highly recommend Nobana's OEM service for their professional and knowledgeable team, attention to detail, exceptional product quality, and competitive pricing. They are a reliable and customer-focused partner in the vaping industry.''

tonny walker Customer

"I recently worked with nobana and was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They exceeded my expectations, delivering a high-quality product while patiently answering all my questions. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and customer-focused partner in the water filter industry."

Lucy Timmy Customer

"Working with the nobana OEM service was a wonderful experience. They were patient, professional, and provided exceptional guidance throughout the process. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and high-quality partner in the water industry."

Luna Smiths Customer

The taste and appearance of water filterss are updated and iterated very quickly, but with the help of nobana, we can quickly iterate and upgrade our products, so we have maintained good sales.

Kate Wistone Customer
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