water purification solutions

Nobana focuses on providing whole-house water purification solutions, which are composed of five steps of “pre-filter, central water purifier, central water softener, end pure water machine, end pipeline machine”. The whole house water purification starts from the water source into the household, according to the needs of different water points in the family, through the scientific and reasonable matching of water purification products, the family drinking water, kitchen water, washing, bathing and laundry and other drinking water for a full range of purification, while realizing local conditions, fully protect the health of the family and extend the water heater, washing machine, bathtub, shower.

Sanitary water purification solution

The whole house softening system adopts imported softening resin, which is suitable for family washing/bathing water softening in areas with high hardness, absorbing calcium and magnesium ions and releasing sodium ions, so as to remove scale, protect water wading equipment and reduce calcium and magnesium ions blocking pores, deeply protect the skin and care for the health of the whole body skin.

Kitchen water purification solution

Noblona terminal pure water straight drinking machine adopts reverse osmosis filtration technology, filtering accuracy of 0.0001um, can effectively remove the residual chlorine, calcium ions, magnesium ions, bacteria, red worms and other organic matter in the water. As well as contaminants such as rust, sediment and colloids in tap water, the filtered water is purer, more hygienic and safer; It is suitable for deep purification of source water with low turbidity and hardness, and can be directly drunk without any different color or odor, so as to improve the quality of domestic water.

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