How often to replace reverse osmosis filters?

What about reverse osmosis filters?

The function of a water purifier is to purify tap water, intercepting sediment, rust, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc. from the tap water, ensuring the health of household water and preventing water pollution.
We all know that masks have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced regularly, usually every 2 to 4 hours, otherwise they will not have a protective effect.
The most critical functional component of a water purifier is the filter element. Each water purifier has multiple filter elements that play different roles in filtering and treating water quality separately. Even if the filter element expires, it should be replaced in a timely manner!

What are the hazards of not replacing in a timely manner?

The filter element of the water purifier has not been replaced upon expiration, resulting in a weakened filtration effect and an inability to guarantee water quality. The sensitivity of mineral water inlet becomes worse, and the presence of sediment in the water is possible. Not replacing the filter element means that the water purifier cannot filter properly, and harmful impurities such as bacteria and viruses can accumulate inside. The water purifier has been in an overloaded working state, causing significant damage to the machine itself and affecting its lifespan. Here, we remind everyone to replace the filter cartridge in a timely manner when its lifespan expires!

The filter element replacement cycle is as follows:

Replacing the filter element

PP cotton filter element raw material: melt blown polypropylene, filtration accuracy 1-5 microns Function: effectively filter suspended solids, sediment, rust, colloids and other large particle substances in water Replacement cycle: 3-6 months.
Activated carbon filter element raw material: Coconut shell activated carbon function: adsorb residual chlorine and odors in water, improve the taste of water. The water filtered by activated carbon is sweet and delicious. Replacement cycle: 6-12 months
Raw material for nanofiltration filter cartridge: imported from the United States, with a filtration accuracy of 1 nanometer. Function: effectively removes harmful substances such as sediment, rust, colloids, suspended solids, scale, bacteria, antibiotics, heavy metal ions, etc. from water, while retaining some beneficial minerals (sodium ions, potassium ions) for the human body. Purified water can be directly consumed. Replacement cycle: 12-36 months.
RO filter element raw material: RO membrane imported from the United States, with a filtration accuracy of 0.1 nanometers. Function: effectively filters harmful substances such as scale, bacteria, antibiotics, heavy metal ions, and minerals (sodium ions, potassium ions), retaining only water molecules. Replacement cycle: 12-36 months.

How to determine if the filter element needs to be replaced?

water filter

The intelligent era of filter life reminder has arrived, and most water purifiers nowadays have filter life expiration reminders.
The activated carbon filter cartridge plays a role in removing residual chlorine, color and odor, and improving the taste. When its lifespan expires, it will inevitably affect the taste. When the feeling of the purified water outlet deteriorates, it is mostly because the activated carbon filter element needs to be replaced. When the voltage and water pressure are normal, the water outlet speed significantly decreases or there is no water outlet after a period of use. It is highly likely that the nanofiltration membrane is blocked by pollutants, and the automatic flushing function of the filter element cannot function. The water production capacity is no longer sufficient, which also indicates that the filter element has expired and needs to be replaced.

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